Unleashing Neurodiverse Potential

2E & 3E students are the most unidentified, unrepresented, and underserved population within school communities. We support these incredible learners with research-driven programming designed specifically for the 2E/3E neurotype. Our mission is to empower Neurodiverse brains to thrive in a Neurotypical world!

The secret’s out on what makes our program so successful: Not only are our students 2E/3E, but so are our tutors! Grounded in a dynamic of shared communication, processing, and learning styles, our coaches & students create a mentor-mentee relationship from a place of common understanding.

Coaches Who Share Their Experience

Options for Everyone

We operate from a core value of equity and accessibility. Therefore, we not only provide in-person coaching but also offer an affordable monthly subscription to our Virtual Directed Study Hall for 2E/3E students: the only of its type on the market. Choose from a selection of packages crafted to fit all schedules, distances, and budgets.

Our Unique Approach

Every session and study hall with our tutors is infused with 4 key pillars for 2E/3E learning:

  • Executive Function Skill Development

  • Motivation and Resilience Training

  • Strength-Based & Talent-Focused Teaching

  • Neuro-Awareness and Self-Advocacy

This synthesis of top-down and bottom-up methods addresses the whole learner from every angle, weaving an interconnected web of skills crucial to both  academics and life.  

We utilize an incredibly thorough intake process to create in-depth learning profiles specific to their needs.

Individualized From Day One

Neurodiversity Resources for Neurodivergent Individuals, Educators, and Family

Use the links below to find ND Resources on our

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