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Ashley Godfrey

Founder, Director, Lead Academic Coach

Ashley lived most of her life as an unidentified 2E student and young adult. Among her family and peers, she embodied the humorous cliché “All book smarts but no street smarts”, as she struggled to understand her social challenges, quirky habits, and difficulties with seemingly simple life skills. Upon entering the “real world”, a place lacking in the structure and routines she was accustomed to, Ashley began a decade-long journey of identifying her 2E neurotype and understanding how to navigate life through her neurolense.

Ashley went on to graduate with a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!), continuing with her professional development by becoming a Certified Executive Function Tutor through the Cliff Valley Institute as well as graduating from Learning and the Brain Institute’s summer academy on “The Neuroscience of Executive Function”.

Most important to Ashley, she has built a 10+ year career of experience working with students facing the same obstacles she once did. Over the course of those years, Ashley taught in a variety of classroom settings - from Title I public schools to independent college prep schools, educator training courses, and even a couple of outdoor schools - while maintaining her private tutoring practice.

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